Welcome To Your Weirdest Fever Dream Ever: Spider-Man Rescuing Anderson Cooper On New Year’s Eve

Anderson Cooper is adorable, from his giggle attacks to his own befuddlement at his obsession with reality stars like Kate Gosselin and Courtney Stodden. He is not, however, a great actor. We can’t blame him, though, since he had to participate in perhaps the cheesiest part of the New Year’s Eve festivities: Getting kidnapped by the Green Goblin from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and having to keep a straight face.

This video is almost painful to watch; excepting the high production values, it plays like a bad tenth-grade English project where the acting is wooden and the plot is indecipherable. At least Reeve Carney is there to swoop in and throw silly string on the Green Goblin; that’s more than they could say for my high-school video project of The Scarlet Letter.

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