Six Christmas Scenes in Non-Christmas Movies

Maybe by today you’ve sat through Home Alone, several showings of Elf, half a day of A Christmas Story, and even all three holiday Community episodes, but you still feel the need for some Christmas viewing. Here are five films that are 95% holly-less, with one scene of seasonal joy. They’ll be a good way to ease you into the Christmas free line-up you’ll be greeted with December 26th.

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    • Mel

      About the comment on Mean Girls and that type of attire not being allowed on stage: In tenth grade my talent show had a belly dancer wearing a bikini top and skirt, and in eighth grade we had a dance in practically see through clothing as dancing to “Toxic.”

      So although that type of dress will not be permissible in all schools, there are those that definitely get away with it. And for the record, this occurred about seven years ago, so it is not really a recent development. Sorry to be nit picky, I was just surprised by your shock at a high school allowing that.