The Bel Ami Trailer is Pretty and Sometimes Puzzling

Bel Ami, another of Robert Pattinson attempts at non-blood sucking cinema has released a trailer that’s both nice to look at and gives us a lot of questions.

Why is Pattinson so angry is he’s the one who’s sleeping with other people’s wives? Who gave him the direction express your sadness by putting your fist in your mouth and gnawing at it like its a chicken leg? Why does Christina Ricci’s voice seem to be getting higher every year?

Another question is when the movie will drop in the US; right now it’s without an American release date, but if you absolutely can’t wait to see Edward in a top hat, you can take a trip to England for the March opening.

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    • Georgia Davis

      Read a book once in a while, geez. This is based on a classic piece of literature. The state of the education system in the US is glaring apparant in “clever” little blogs like this one.

    • emma

      Looks good.

    • Jennifer

      Read the book and you’ll learn why he’s angry. He seeks revenge and seducing the wives continues as part of his plan. Georgia, I’ve from the US, BTW, many of us are familiar with Maupassant’s work. But yes, it’s not required reading in all secondary schools here.