Hollywood Casting Agent Is Hoping To Make A ‘Geek Jersey Shore

It looks like Jersey Shore is the new model for reality TV, unfortunately for us all. The latest attempt at a spin-off comes straight from the JS casting agent, who put out an add looking for nerds who want to showcase their fringe lifestyle for millions of viewers. The casting call reads:

“To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifestyles and relationships, to boldly go where no fanboy or fangirl has gone before. If you are a guy or girl and get all the references in The Big Bang Theory, can quote the Original Trilogy, can spot a Cylon among us, wish you could’ve attended Hogwarts, Starfleet Academy, or Xavier’s School for the Gifted, join the horde, and revere masters of science fiction and fantasy we want you!!! We’re looking for those who value brains over brawn, substance over status quo and march to the beat of their own cantina band.” The ad assumes that the rest can go without saying, and so does not include the follow-up sentence, preferring to leave it strongly implied: “But who still desperately want to be famous and are willing to get drunk and have sex on camera (preferably while wearing Hobbit pajamas).”

Oh boy, brains over brawn. I would watch this if these people were forced to live in a house with the Jersey Shore castmembers, who would torment them all day and night.

(via Vulture)

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