Julianne Moore Nails Sarah Palin In The Game Change Trailer

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Several months ago the first photo was released for HBO‘s TV movie Game Change, showing Julianne Moore dressed as Sarah Palin down to the snazzy glasses and the later copycatted updo. But once we knew she could walk the walk, the public needed to know if she could talk the talk.

Now the first teaser for Game Change has been released, featuring Ed Helms as John McCain searching for his perfect running mate. So, is this our beloved and reviled Sarah?

You betcha! Julianne’s got the accent and meticulous enunciation down, as well as that unwavering stare. And we see only one line from her—imagine her saying some of Palin’s more famous catchphrases like “I can see Russia from my house” and “John’s a maverick”!

What I love is that HBO is unashamedly putting this movie forward with the premise that the Republican party hired Palin as a stunt: Take the pretty hockey mom from a less-noticed state and charm the pants off the GOP. Woody Harrelson plays the aide who spots Sarah at a fundraiser or somesuch and watches in wonderment as the crowd goes wild for her. Really, in many ways it’s not that different from his Hunger Games role where he has to train Jennifer Lawrence‘s character to be amiable and sympathetic to the Capitol citizens.

Speaking of young women in the public eye, we hope that the movie focuses not just on the Republican candidates but also their teenage daughters. Tiffany Thornton and Melissa Farman have been cast as Meghan McCain and Bristol Palin, respectively; we trust HBO to provide a realistic take on Meghan’s extensive tweeting and Bristol’s pregnancy.

Game Change will premiere on HBO in March 2012.

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    • Tawny Jones

      Jejune Julianne Moore is but a pale shadow of exciting, exotic, exquisite Sarah Palin. She is neither young enough nor pretty enough to portray the Gorgeous Governor.

    • Ames

      “Ed Helms” is the funniest mistake in an article I’ve seen in ages. God, how I wish it were Helms playing McCain!!