This Is What It’s Like To Be James Franco’s Professor

In New York City, Francogate continues to rage on following the news that an NYU professor was fired for giving James Franco a “D” grade, but over in New Haven, another of James’ professors has leapt to his defense with a glowing essay about how terrific and responsible the actor/student is. R. John Williams was James’ adviser and English teacher and he is simply shocked that anyone would give Mr. Franco anything less than a stellar mark.

Truthfully, the essay could very easily be a parody and we wouldn’t even know it. It contains passages like this:

“When he came to my office, he was already deep into classes on Romanticism, Walt Whitman, and modern American literature. He had also just received an Oscar nomination. James’ personal assistant had called the day before to ask if I could meet in the afternoon, rather than the morning, since he had been invited onto the Colbert Report that day. I was flexible, and happy to accommodate, but remember feeling a little stunned at having to speak with one of my students in such a Hollywood manner—his people calling my people.”

But that’s about as harsh as it gets. The rest of the piece alternately praises James for his commitment to his studies even while on the set of a major motion picture and self-congratulates the professor for refusing to bend to James’ every little schedule fluctuation. Basically what we have here is a fluff piece written by a man who’s clearly in awe of this famous person, all about how he isn’t a typical famous person.

(Boy, do I wish one of my professors had written something like this about me.)

(via Slate)

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