The Secret Circle Cast Picks Secret Santa Gifts

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From The Craft to Charmed, we’ve always had a thing for witches (and not just because a dramatic black dress will never go out of style). The Secret Circle, the CW series which began airing this fall, is no exception. The twisty drama hinges on an orphan named Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) who moves in with her grandmother in the small town of Chance Harbor.

Her group of newly acquired friends—including Faye, Diana, Melissa, Nick and Adam—reveal that they (Cassie included) are all descendants of powerful witches and belong to a group called the Secret Circle. As her relationships with members of the circle begin to strengthen, she learns how to unlock incredible powers. She also stumbles across some shocking information that reveals her dangerous destiny. Hooked, yet?

So while holiday shopping may not require black magic, we thought it was fitting to ask the show’s leading ladies to offer up some gift tricks, particularly when it comes to picking Secret Santa presents. After all, not all witchery is supernatural—some is learned.

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