Poll: What Should Happen Next In The Kidd Kraddick Vs. Selena Gomez Fans Feud?

Selena Gomez performing in front of her fans

Just when radio host Kidd Kraddick though he had gotten past all the Selena Gomez fans (or Selenators) bashing him for a mild joke he made about Selena’s pregnant mom, her mother Mandy Gomez suffered a miscarriage, and millions of preteen girls started sending Kidd death threats all over again. Even though he’s got more supporters this time around, something needs to change so that these kids don’t feel like they can verbally attack a stranger for something he didn’t even do.

Justin and Selena certainly aren’t lifting a finger to make things right; all they’ve done in the last few days is tweet their performance schedules. At the same time, Kidd is fending off girls who swear they’ll ruin his career; he’s been trying to report them to Twitter, but that seems like it’s about as effective as hacking through a jungle with a butter knife.

So we’ve come up with a few options to help everybody move on. Not all of them are the right move — Kidd shouldn’t have to apologize for anything — but they all might actually inspire these kids to calm the fuck down.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Selena and Kidd in happier times:

Selena Gomez and radio host Kidd Kraddick

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    • meiner

      “a mild joke he made about Selena’s pregnant mom”
      The radioDJ tells a bad joke about a pregnancy and it sounds like the truth .. sorry Kidd Kraddick, your show .. your fault and it’s interesting to see, how bad joke about pregnancy can change your life, right? From Mr. Nice Kidd Kraddick to The Devil’s General.

      Kidd Kraddick vs. Selena Gomez .. this was not nice or where the fun ends …

      What happened ..

      Kidd Kraddick on air:
      “What if Selena Gomez’s mother’s not the one that’s pregnant, Selena’s pregnant and mom’s doing a cover-up?”

      Co-host Kelly on air:
      “Selena’s suddenly going to need to rest and recuperate from this world tour, she’s going to go into hiding, mom’s going to have a baby bump. Nine months from now, that baby’s going to pop out, and she’s going to raise that baby to protect Selena’s image. Justin Bieber’s making babies all over the place.”

      Kidd Kraddick on air:
      “What if Justin Bieber got Selena’s mom pregnant?”

      Selena Gomez tweeted:
      “Kidd I used to look up to you. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.”

      Fans tweeted:
      The fans were defending Selena Gomez, but some fans tweeted about the extent permitted

      Feedback ..

      Now there are opinions, Selena Gomez has to consider in advance what they tweed, so that the fans not go ballistic.

      But Kidd Kraddick first made ​​it publicly in front of a large radio audience, without worrying about the consequences.
      His team has an average age of 37 years plus.

      Selena Gomez is only 19 years young.
      She has exactly the same right, publicly on the manner, how about her family was spoken, to complain.
      Her tweed-reaction was more than OK.

      Family is family
      Family is personal
      Family is private

      And exactly these rules of decorum were by Kidd Kraddick injured.

      In the song “Who Says” by Selena Gomez, there is a line of text “.. It’s such a funny thing, how nothing’s funny when it’s you ..”
      Well, maybe know now Kidd Kraddick how it feels .. “a funny thing”
      Basically, his comments were unfunny and mean-spirited, but even when .. death threats against Kidd Kraddick are the wrong way.

      Please do not forget ..
      Family is family
      Family is personal
      Family is private

      .. and let’s see, how you react .. “when it’s you”

    • M

      I would just like to point out that Kidd already apologized (even though you’re right, he didn’t say the things people think he said). He did so the next day. You can watch the apology on either ustream (where they have full shows up) or on Youtube.

    • Paula

      Kidd needs to stop talking about it all, especially at a time like this, when Selena’s mom suffered a miscarriage with the said baby, and leave it be. Ignore the ignorant comments on twitter, like most adults in showbiz do, and move on. Demanding an apology tweet when Selena and Justin have done nothing wrong, during times like this is childish.

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