Kendall Jenner Photographed Dancing Around A Stripper Pole

[Update: This post is old. Click here for the latest on Kendall Jenner.]

Despite seeming somewhat nice and normal on her Sweet 16 special, Kim Kardashian‘s half-sister Kendall Jenner appears to be growing into her fameball role increasingly well. A set of pictures of Kendall (and friends) dancing around a stripper pole in what is basically underwear have been making the rounds today, and I want to throw a blanket over all of them and send them home to bed.

This one is even worse because it’s so humpy. Stop that right now, young lady.

Does it make it better that it looks like this is a class or rehearsal of some sort? I would argue that it makes it worse, because we know their parents drove them there and signed some sort of consent form. Stripping is for grown-ups.Why does this even need to be said?

The comments on the Mediatakeout post provide further evidence these photos should not be on the Internet. One commenter calls Kendall “a cutie with a booty” and another calls her “a ho in the making.” Does momager Kris Jenner really want to expose her 16-year-old daughter to this kind of anonymous leering?

This gets less surprising when you recall that it’s not the first time Kendall has played around on a stripper pole; there’s been one in her house since she was little. On a 2007 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall (then 11) and her sister Kylie (then 9) danced around and imitated “Girls Gone Wild” while their brother’s manager filmed them so he could put it on Youtube.

Someone send this kid to boarding school in Connecticut while there’s still time.

(Via Mediatakeout)

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    • Anthony

      I think this article is very biased against pole dancing. I cant are you from knowledge of pole fitness studios at what she’s wearing probly corresponds to a fitness class. Yes she was in a leotard on a trampoline or on a gymnastics mat you would not have a problem with it. I think you should have been to make it a racin and a little bit more research about what a pole means in certain areas. I can understand if she was photographed in a strip club like a hustler or p t’s however she was probably photographed in a pole fitness class. With respect to the comment you made about the pole I believe you well every pole fitness instructor, student, competitor, champion an apology.

      • Sasha

        Thank you for supporting us!

    • Annemarie Davies

      Wow! How cute! These girls look like they are having so much fun. Love the outfits and the fact that they are trying something new. This is the future of pole dancers! The younger they try pole fitness, the better they will be a few years from now. Maybe then we will be close to the Australians as far as talent and ability!

      As part of the future, they can help change the perception of pole dancing into a healthy past time. Kudos to the Kardashians!

    • Jasmine

      I’ve seen these pictures on blogging sites and the comments to go along with them, the girls were at a pole fitness class for a friends birthday, it’s not as though they were all doing seductive poses on them, but also Jamie Foxx’s daughter is in these photos, she was recently on the cover of American Cheerleader, so why isn’t there a big deal about her being on these photos? Oh that’s right, because of Kendall’s family. Her Mom & Kim should be ashamed that Kendall can’t even have fun without being accused.

    • glittergirl

      So….you assume they’re stripping even though they have clothes on… that maybe just a fantasy that you’re projecting onto them?….one that is probably best kept to yourself, yeah?

      • Annemarie Davies

        Lol! Jasmine, so funny! Good comment. :)

      • Sasha

        Love this comment and it’s so true! There is no sex in pole dancing only what people have in their minds and if you see it as sex CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE IT. (Unless you are pro sex ;)

    • Von Brianna

      Aw these girls outfit looks so cute! I think the person who blogged this should’ve googled facts on stripper poles and pole fitness before writing this article because it makes them look really biased and stupid. These girls look like they’re just having fun playing on the pole. Doesn’t look like they’re stripping Or at the strip club. They’re also clearly wearing yoga like clothing.

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    • Laura

      First: pole dance does NOT equal stripping!
      Second: if, as you say, these photos should not be put on the internet, why are you spreading them around and writing nasty things about these ladies?
      Third: there is no nudity in these photos, no one is sitting at a table drinking in the dark, and I dont see any cheesy lights or dollar bills floating arround… Get your facts straight before slandering a bunch of girls just because one girls family is rich.

    • Jenni Waters

      They look like they are wearing leotard & having a good time. There is nothing trashy or sleazy about it at all. So why try to twist people’s views to make it that way?

    • Anya

      First of all these pictures are from a friend’s birthday party and they went to a dancing class and it was all for fun. Its not like they are doing anything bad. They aren’t doing seductive poses. Stop trying to make them look like bad kids. These pictures were leaked you people dont even know the facts and your here spreading lies.

    • Sasha

      I started pole dancing at 16. Let the girl do her damn thing I say! Why do they need to say stripper pole? Why not dance pole? And even so, what’s wrong with strippers? Maybe not everyones ideal for their daughter but an honest living just the same.
      They certainly dont give as much attention to the things boys her age do. Is anyone complaining about the amount of boys who listen to Chris Brown despite his violent history toward women? Is no one worried that will rub off on their sons?

    • Emily

      oh boy, I thought Kendall was a good innocent girl, I guess not, these Kardashians are so slutty

    • Sarah

      No, not basically underwear. Those are shorts and tank tops that I see. I have seen girls walking around wearing shorts that their cheeks hang out of, to me that is a worse offense than what these girls are wearing. They could work out in these clothes. And I don’t see any evidence of any of them stripping. Why the negativity? Has the person who wrote this article ever tried a pole fitness class?

    • A Pole FITNESS person

      First of all, she is NOT stripping. Second of all, get some education about pole FITNESS before you write a ignorant article. Seriously.

    • bailey

      1. those are shorts and tank tops
      2. What 16 year old doesnt jokingly pole dance? I know I did long before i was 16!

    • Vee Niz

      I must say “shame on the ignorance and perversion” of those who see this as anything sexual. On the playground of my niece’s school (the kindergarten yard and the elementary yard alike) there is a vertical pole attached to the playground set. At all of the local parks as well as in my sister’s apartment complex there is also at least one vertical pole attached to the playground equipment. So when you see a 9, 12, or 16 year old swinging around a pole do you Mr. or Mrs. Perverted blogger think of something sexual? How about when you see young gymnasts’ in their leotards on the uneven bars or straddling the balance beam? It is the close-minded ignorant individual whom “choose” to see pole fitness as a perversion that continue to perpetrate this stereotype when in fact it is much more than what your warped mind sees it as. Pole fitness had changes the lives and health (physical and mental) of many women for the better. It has give birth to a community where women are proud of who they are and support each other’s accomplishments. The type of comradery that you see in the word of pole fitness is next to none.
      So let me ask you, have you ever taken a pole fitness class?

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    • lol

      its funny because these pictures were taken, from her friends birthday party. its not like shes taking it up as a sport or something. let he be.