• Mon, Dec 19 2011

Here’s That Kardashian Christmas Card You Didn’t Ask For

When you hear “Christmas,” don’t you think leather and steely blue? Don’t you picture a family standing beneath a stark white wall and grimacing? There will be no merrymaking on the Kardashian’s Kristmas Kard. No ma’am, just austerity and lots of expensive clothes.

I feel like this is less a Christmas card and more a one-sheet for a movie called Klue: A Kardiashian Kristmas. One of these people has murdered Ryan Seacrest with a household object! (Spoiler: it’s Mason.)

(via Huffington Post)

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  • Maggie

    Ugh, another self-indulgent move from the most self-centered people on the planet.

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  • jason

    looks like the addams family

  • des

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  • sara

    Very cute family, stop hating

  • Duane

    They should have held back a bit on the Photoshop — Kourtney’s rear looks like a balloon from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  • Maria

    What’s going on with the foot of the lady on the left? Where are her toes?

  • karen

    Shame they didnt do something tongue in cheek this is so narcassistic they do look look like the vainest most self centred bunch of tools in the universe