Video: Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Have Embarrassing Secrets

Did you know that Nick Offerman has sported a full mustache since the age of four? You didn’t? That’s because it isn’t true — but if it were, it would probably come up on the next episode of Mortified, the Sundance show that has celebrities revealing embarrassing artifacts from their childhoods.

On the show, Nick and wife Megan Mullally will pore through a shoebox full of old mementos. In this preview, we learn that Nick was part of a cousinly break dancing duo and went by the name “Tick Tock” to his cousin’s “Flip Flop.” Also, Megan totally got around in her pre-school days.

The episode airs Monday, and hopefully it will give us so much more Nick Offerman fodder to post about, because as you know, we do love him so.

(via Sundance)

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