The Duggars Distributed Photos Of Jubilee Shalom Duggar At Her Memorial Service


Update: Here’s our recap of the season finale “A Duggar Loss,” which managed to make us respect Jim Bob and Michelle — however briefly — for the low-key way in which they grieved the loss of Jubilee.

The Duggar family held their memorial service for their miscarried child Jubilee Shalom Duggar yesterday, as promised, and our prediction that photos would find their way to the press came true. I don’t know about you guys, but when I envision “memorial service,” it’s the family standing in a graveyard huddled around a tiny coffin, blocked off from any prying cameras. Instead, we have the Duggars dressed up and standing in their mega-church at Arkansas—and you have to assume the house was packed.

The other possibly-oversharing element of the service was when they distributed artistically-posed photos of Jubilee with her parents. The portraits are vague so as not to be too disturbing; there’s a photo of her tiny feet with the caption There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.

Here’s the first photo (warning: it might still squick you out):

There’s another artistic pic, helpfully captioned with Michelle holding Jubilee’s hand! like it came out of a scrapbook:

You grieve how you grieve, and this is not the creepiest thing they could have done. In fact, it’s fitting for a family so used to the media spotlight, to find a public way to remember their child because she won’t be joining her siblings on-camera. I take some exception to the giant, LED-light church, but that’s their lifestyle.

According to TMZ, a family member posted these photos to Twitter, after which they surfaced on a Duggar fansite.

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Update: Now that season 9 of 19 Kids and Counting has premiered, we know that Jubilee’s short life is going to be the focus of the season. That makes us more than a little uncomfortable, as it reminds us of how Bravo handled Russell Armstrong‘s suicide. Check out our recap and let us know what you think!

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    • Akin nation

      It’s kind of them there proud
      Of this precious baby. I’m sorry for
      There loss. Abortion is not right. I will
      Not criticize this family. There good
      People. I wish more were happy like them
      And would read the bible.

      • sue

        there proud = they’re proud
        There loss = their loss
        There good = they’re good

        I’m normally not the grammar police but come on – three times in one comment??!!

      • No name

        Their not there! Proper English please.

    • Megs

      I don’t know how far along she was, but are you sure that these are not genuinely pictures of the fetus’s hands and feet?

    • Steph

      What does abortion have to do with this, Akin Nation? She did not abort this baby. Abortion isn’t wrong. It is an option that should be available to all women to keep them safe and autonomous.
      She lost a baby that she wanted and loved. I feel bad for her but holding a memorial service for fetus is a bit strange.

    • Aron

      “I feel bad for her but holding a memorial service for fetus is a bit strange.” It’s not strange if the baby was wanted and loved, and seen as a person, even before he or she was born.

    • Kimberly Kennedy

      Every fetus is a child waiting to be born. There is nothing wrong with morning a baby that didn’t make it into the world full term. I think it is beautiful how loved the baby was. I don’t think it is weird to have a pic of the babies hand either. I think it is inhumane and weird and evil that Doctors murder babies everyday through abortion.

    • Angus

      If someone is bothered by the pictures of the child they should feel free to look away. The family, tho I do have a number of issues with them and their ways, are free to do as they wish with their daughters photos.

    • Daniela

      If one of their older children died, would you think it was touching if they included pics of the body?

      • Mom of Angel

        I understand that this concept would be difficult to understand unless in this situation. But pictures of your stillborn child are much different then an older child who had a chance to live, no matter how long. When your child has had a chance to live for a certain number of years you will have pictures of events, such as birthdays and holidays. You have memories of what that child was like when they were alive. When your unborn baby that you so desperately wanted dies you have nothing. Please try to understand that these pictures provide a source of comfort to a parent who will never really know their child. As time goes by you won’t might not look at them often but you have them and they are there when you need them, when you want to think about the day your life was forever changed.

        From my understanding the pictures were not meant for the public, but we’re leaked by someone whom attended the memorial for their child.

      • Kimberly Ann

        Why show pictures, when most of the time… a family member has a funeral.. where everyone attending that funeral sees them laying in their casket. That was absolutely irrelevant and the dumbest point made on this post.

    • Chris

      I think the pics are very touching and sad and theres nothing wrong with the Duggars sharing them this has to be a very hard time for them. My heart goes out to them during this hard time Rest in Peace Baby Duggar !

    • Mom of angel

      I gather from your post you have not lost a child, am I correct? Wether it is your 1st or 20th, that child was wanted and now mourned. When your baby dies all you have left is usually a blanket, photos, and a dream of what should have been. That family letting part of their grief an memorial be public is honorable. It Often helps others who have not felt this immense grief understand. Our babies were real and deserve to be remembered.

      I truly hope you never know what the loss of a child, stillborn or otherwise feels like.

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    • Belle

      I feel sad. She is in happy Heaven place. I had one miscarriage baby. Died at 23 weeks.

    • Cookie Andrelli

      I’ve watched your from the beginning. I had no idea Michelle lost the baby until tonight. Just finished watching your show, lemonade & pretzels, and decided to look on my new computer about your family. I was shocked and confused about what I read. Why would you play out the season pretending to still be pregnant? I don’t get it…..losing a baby must be the the most tragic thing that could happen to a mom. To go on with the show letting us ( who didn’t see the news) think everything is fine is just bizarre! It really hurts my feelings. It makes me wonder for what purpose are you doing it.

      • Erika Marquez

        They were not “pretending to be pregnant”, what was shown prior to tonight’s episode was her progressing pregnancy before she had the miscarriage.

    • alicia

      i litteraly started to cry it ws soo sad

    • Beatrice

      Abortion is not wrong if a woman’s life is in danger “BUT” it should never be a form of birth control which it most often is.

    • Kimberly Ann

      I find the fact that anyone could pass any judgement on these pictures whatsoever is pathetic. I can’t stand people, who actually feel like they have the right to play God, and judge someone else. My heart goes out to them, just recently going through a miscarriage myself. My Angel baby was only 7 weeks old, and it still tears me up. I, too, got to see and hold him/her. Her Angel baby was 16 weeks, she got to feel her move inside of her body and watch it’s heart beat. You will never know what’s it like, unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Everyone grieves in their own way, and I am not about to sit back and condemn her or her family for needing a memorial for whatever peace of mind they needed, for closure. Shame on all of you that actually believe you have any right to judge, get off your high horse already.

      • nd girl

        i agree with you 100% . I think pictures like these are the most precious thing a greaving mother and father could ask for. They are beautiful and tastefully done. I believe every couple who goes thru this deserves to have these memories of their child.