Check Out The Awesome New Hunger Games Puzzle Poster

Not surprisingly, it took Hunger Games fans only a few hours to construct the newest poster from the 100 puzzle pieces scattered across the web. And it’s stunning! This is the best poster yet, since instead of just the characters or just the logo we get Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) standing in a version of the Arena looking out at the audiences who want her to win but also want her to die—whatever makes for better ratings. And the flags with her and Peeta’s (Josh Hutcherson) faces play into the “star-crossed lovers” act they do for the cameras.

Even when I received piece 75/100 this morning, I had an idea of what the final puzzle would look like. Seeing as my friends on the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast talk about it so often, I immediately recognized that we had gotten Katniss’ black-and-orange backpack. And when two different fansites both posted the same image of Peeta’s face, I figured that we’d be seeing Peeta and Katniss the way the citizens of the Capitol do—that is, on a big screen.

I’m now five times more excited for the movie. What about you guys?

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