Selena Gomez’s Stalker Claims A Restraining Order Is The Only Thing That Will Keep Him Away From Her

There are celebrity stalkers and then there’s Thomas Brodnicki, the man who claims he has 50 conversations with God a day about killing Selena Gomez. Thomas’ felony stalking charges were dismissed last month, but not he’s claiming Selena needs to take out a restraining order against him for her own protection. Yikes.

Thomas, who was recently arrested on a psychiatric hold, was charged with felony stalking but had the charges dropped. So far, the judge involved in the case has held off on issuing a restraining order until Thomas can appear in court to defend himself, but Selena’s stalker is now saying he wants the paperwork to go through:

“I believe that a restraining order should be issued against me to prevent me from trying to contact Selena Gomez. I do not wish to object to the restraining order against me because I know it is the only thing that will make me stay away from Selena.”

Oh boy! Well let’s get that restraining order taken care of then, shall we? This guy seems legitimately terrifying even though he has kindly eyes in his mugshot.

(via TMZ)

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    • lassie Winter

      i think this guy should have the restraining order. he is creepy if i were selena i would have this guy put in prison for even saying these things.”he should be locked up in a sell so tight that he will never see the light of day is what i say.” this is to selena gomez: don’t pay attention to this fool he is worth nothing to nobody i bet his mother don’t even won’t him he is a pile of trash if he gets near you just call the police on him or keep mase with you and spray him in the eyes.(note:only for selena gomez not for her fans or for the idiots that thinck they are her soback up punks or i will find you and if i do it won’t be preaty

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