Lindsay Lohan Has Perfected Her Court Room Wardrobe

Lindsay Lohan certainly has had her share of opportunities to dress for the court room, and has suffered a few missteps along the way. (Remember the sexy white dress incident of last year? A felony, basically.) But it looks like she’s finally figured out what to wear to make a good impression. In fact people probably mistook her for a lawyer or something.

Lindsay attended a hearing this morning where she was commended by the judge on her good behavior. Evidently, she completed her community service at the morgue and has been attended all her court-ordered therapy sessions (I do not envy that doctor).

I have to admit that here’s something a little bit sardonic about praising Lindsay for wearing buttoned-up, “court-appropriate” clothing when I and pretty much everyone else on the planet just saw her naked not two days ago. But praise we will do, then giggle at her Playboy spread some more.

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