Girls Are Too ‘Scared’ To See Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Big Screen

Is Stieg Larsson’s largely female fanbase too thin-skinned to see their beloved Lisbeth Salandar come to life on the big screen? According to this report in New York Magazine, women who were drawn to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are being “scared off” by director David Fincher’s “unforgivingly creepy and dark” interpretation of the first book in Larsson’s wildly successful series. That makes sense. Obviously the only reason women wouldn’t want to see this movie is because they’re scared.

Today, Sony announced that it would be moving the release date of the flick up to December 20, but so far, according to one ex Sony exec, numbers show that while tons of girls have read the books, only 36% of women expressed “definite interest” in seeing this horribly scary downer of a flick. And it’s not because of misogynistic violence against women, which we are apparently totally cool with. It’s because we are just too bummed out and/or terrified of the trailers. (Note: Has anyone even seen this trailer?)

Forget that these numbers may not even be accurate. It doesn’t seem like any other factors outside of obvious lady delicacy were considered as a reason for the lack of interest. One marketing exec even attested that women simply just don’t want to see such “dark” films this time of year because holidays are all about cheerfulness. Which is probably the reason “Black Swan” was so successful last holiday season.

Off the top our heads, we can come up with a bunch of reasons why females might not want to see the movie. For example, someone who’s already read the book might not be thrilled to pay $12.50 to see a movie when she knows what happens in the end. (Girls are smart like that.)

Other Crushable theories include: Rooney Mara is a relatively unknown actress, Daniel Craig has more appeal with a male audience, the first book in the series is relatively slow and boring and drawn out, and they already made this movie in Sweden and real fans have seen it. Also: Twilight hasn’t even ended yet so we’re just not ready to move on to a new film series.

If girls don’t want to see this movie, is it because they are afraid? We think not.

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    • sadie

      I dont wanna see it because rooney mara is an emo hot topic emaciated LAME excuse for Lisbeth!! Noomi Rapace was fabulous and should have reprized the role!!!

      • CM

        I read some time ago that she did not want to keep doing the role, stated that it had been consuming her life to a degree. But the original movies were enough for me, I wasn’t a huge fan of the books. I might see the new ones when they come to video.

    • jj

      Skip this version and rent the 2009 movie version.

    • Alexandra Penwarden

      I didn’t think the Swedish version was that great of an adaptation of the book. I feel like they’re putting a lot more in this movie which is why I am very excited to see it on the big screen. I am a huge fan of the series and cannot wait to spend $12 to see this actress play my favorite badass female character. She looks perfect for the part and if you don’t think so, then I think you need to read the books again because this is exactly Lisbeth’s style.

    • Conscious Reader

      Even if you have read the series, I think there is a big difference between reading about such violence and seeing it. According to Temple Grandin, an image permanently injects itself into out reptilian brain, but language/words are so abstract that they are processed in a different manner. As a survivor of sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, I can read the series, but cannot bear to watch it. Maybe if Hollywood wasn’t so interested in shocking the audience with the horrific sexual assault scene, then maybe I would pay $7.00 at a matinee to see it.

      • corynne

        Hi Conscious Reader,

        I think you bring up a really good point, and one I wish the reporter had addressed more in the NY Mag piece.

        Basically the original article glossed over the issues you note in your comment, and instead insists images of sexual violence aren’t what’s turning women away from the film. Rather, we are scared off by the dark mood of the movie.

        Thanks for sharing your reaction and touching on an important topic.

    • Maggie

      I think there’s a bigger reason why women may be “scared” to see this movie: the fact that the entire series is based around violence against women. In “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” Lisbeth goes through horrific, traumatic things like molestation, rape, and torture. And the murder that Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig’s character) investigates ends up unearthing a string of serial murders perpetrated by a violent sexual killer. Also, the Swedish title of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is “Men Who Hate Women.” So I think that it isn’t so much to do with women being scared of the darkness of the movie as it does with women being reluctant to watch another woman subjected to the horrors Lisbeth Salander goes through. I will definitely be seeing the movie, but I’ve already started bracing myself for those particular scenes, because they will, without a doubt, be difficult to watch.

    • Megan

      Daniel Craig has more pull with a male audience?

      Did you *see* “Casino Royale”?

      I think that if women really don’t want to see this movie, 9/10 of them will agree that it’s not Daniel Craig that’s keeping them from it.

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    • Lily

      I will never see this. I’ve been sexually assaulted. This will probably make me wanna die.