These Deleted Scenes From Friends With Benefits Are Adorable

I never understand why filmmakers decide to cut scenes that are only about a minute long. Sure, there’s such a thing as streamlining a movie, but that’s for a five-minute chase scene or Social Network-style debate. In the case of these Friends with Benefits scenes, you could’ve kept them in without upping the running time too much. Plus, they’re cute as hell.

You’ve got yet another example of the chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, and his great one-liners:

This one is the least funny of the three, but it manages to bring in New York City in a casual way instead of other parts of the movie that are all OMG THIS IS NEW YORK AND IT’S AWESOME:

So yeah, there were plenty of Justin/Mila bits, so I can see why they would’ve cut the first video, but what about this one? What we saw of Woody Harrelson‘s gay comic relief was mostly from the trailer; I would’ve loved to watch this scene in the movie:

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