Watch A Promo For The Sixth Season Of 30 Rock

We only have to wait 31 more days until the sixth season of 30 Rock airs! (Is my math right? Today is the 13th and the episode premieres January 12th. 31 days? This is hard.) Anyway, if this promo is any indication, Liz Lemon has some kind of big, exciting secret.

What could it be? A secret husband? A baby on the way? A new kind of Doritos not yet on the marked in the US? Another thing to look forward to is a cameo by Kelsey Grammer, who looks like he’ll be playing some sort of fancyman big shot.

30 Rock is my very favorite show and I really can’t wait for it to come back. I will be counting down the days… 31… er, 32?

(via Celebuzz)

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