There’s An Irish Version Of Jersey Shore And It Is Amazing

“Gym, pale, laundry” is probably not a catchphrase on the Irish version of Jersey Shore, but I like the sound of it anyway. That’s right, there’s an Irish version of Jersey Shore! It’s called (confusingly) Tallafornia, and it’s about a group of hard-partying West Dubliners.

There are all the same devices as JS – hot tubs, muscled-out bros, girls taking shots in bikinis, plus some delightful Irish accents. The show premiered in the UK on Sunday and is already a huge hit. I’d say I hope it comes on over to the States, but then I’d have to recap it, and I can only handle so much trash in a given week.

(via Gawker)

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    • Amy@GoodisBetterthanPerfect

      I’m Irish and haven’t even heard of this!
      To help your confusion, Tallaght is a place in Dublin so I assume they’re going for a (god-awful) punny name.

    • Sarah

      If ‘delightful Irish accents’ are what you’re looking for… Tallaght is NOT the place to find them

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