Is Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend About An Imaginary Affair?

Robyn on Saturday Night LiveOn Saturday night, Swedish pop star Robyn gave a characteristically amazing performance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. For her performance of “Call Your Girlfriend,” she used basically the same choreography as in her video directed by Max Vitali, but the sheer awesomeness of her moves in a live setting made me watch the video over and over again. And because of this, I spent some time thinking about the lyrics of the song and the thing I could never get around: Why does Robyn need to have this conversation with the guy she’s seeing?

And I finally realized. “Call Your Girlfriend” makes much more sense as a theoretical conversation Robyn’s having with herself.

According to the lyrics, Robyn’s embroiled in the kind of affair that’s not going to go away. It’s time for her man to tell his girlfriend that this thing is for real. Obviously, it’s a great song, and her SNL performance is definitely worth a viewing (or five) if you missed it.

But the more I listened to the lyrics, the more I found myself wondering how an affair would get to this point. Robyn is awfully nice to think of the feelings of her new man’s current girlfriend. I don’t know many home wreckers who are too worried about the relationship they’re ending.

Some of the lyrics talk about their amazing connection, but the chorus is all about breaking the news to this guy’s current chic:

“Call your girlfriend/It’s time you had the talk/Give your reasons/Say it’s not her fault/But you just met somebody new”

But if the affair is really this amazing, why would the man need this advice? Wouldn’t he just end his current relationship and run off with Robyn into the sunset? I mean, I would.

Robyn, however, is giving this guy the perfect play by play of how this convo should go down:

“Tell her not to get upset, second-guessing everything you said and done.”

Because the guy didn’t mean to cheat. He just met Robyn. Except it’s kind of hard to get your head around a situation where this conversation makes sense. Often, cheaters are just as happy going along with two options rather than ending their relationship.

Sometimes cheaters do end their relationship and make an affair last. But if Robyn is exactly this awesome, why does she have to tell the guy it’s time he broke up with his girlfriend? Shouldn’t he have realized that by now?

I think it makes much more sense that this isn’t about a real relationship at all. It’s about Robyn having a crush on a guy, and realizing how crap his current relationship is. If they were to get involved, this is the conversation she would have with him. Because she’s not a home wrecker, but the guy would be better off with her. And he should clearly break up with his girlfriend to get things started.

I think the video proves my point.

In it, Robyn is alone. She’s in a warehouse, displaying some of her amazing dance moves. If the guy she was interested in saw her doing this, he would want her and go after her. But if this song was about a real relationship, wouldn’t there be a hot dude in the video?

There isn’t, because this song is all about Robyn. And it has the same kind of underlying melancholy that Dancing My Own presents right on the surface. She’s pleading with this man. But I don’t think it’s a conversation happening out loud.

Because really, it makes more sense for a woman pondering an affair to think about the other woman’s feelings. Who could continue to feel that sentiment when they’re in the midst of said affair? Even if the woman is Robyn.

Actually, especially if the woman is Robyn. Dude ought to know this lesson without her having to spell it out for him.

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    • Michael Pitt’s Baby Fat

      So, my question is this: Do you think that Robyn actually made out with this guy once (“It’s so different when we kiss”), or is that part imagined, too? Great theories!

      Also, did you see what happened to me last night on Boardwalk Empire? SAD FACE.

      • Meghan Keane

        Hmn. Maybe once. Also, sorry about that whole shots to the face thing last night on Boardwalk. It looks like Michael Pitt/s Baby Fat will never grow into a full grown man. :(

      • Michael Pitt’s Baby Fat


    • Maris

      Combine this with “Dancing On My Own” and Robyn is definitely a stalker.

      “I know where you at, I bet she’s around”
      “I’m right in the corner, why can’t you see me?”


      • Meghan Keane

        But how can you dislike a stalker who is SO GOOD AT DANCING.

        Hmn. I guess there are a lot of things that I can forgive when presented with amazing dancing skillz.

    • Amanda Ernst

      I think this works whether the relationship is real or imaginary. Isn’t the classic other woman story line that she’s just waiting around for her man to leave his wife…only he never does?

    • K

      I’ve always imagined this as her trying to get into the headspace of the other woman, like she’s the one who’s been cheated on and these are the things her boyfriend tells her in breaking up. Possibly because she looks like her heart is shattering in the video.

    • shania

      I think the song should be taken at face value. Its the conversation shes having with the guy. The guy obviously loves the first woman and has a heart and he’s struggling on how to end the other relationship. Maybe, he hasnt been around his girlfriend and has just been avoiding her and Robyn is saying let her know whats going on. Idk I’ve been through something like this where the relationship ending because of cheating but the guy I was dating didn’t really say that he found someone new I just eventually found out a few weeks after splitting up. The beauty of music is that its open to each individuals interpretation.