Questionable Choices: Courtney Love Wears A Wedding Dress To The Young Adult Premiere

The tagline for Diablo Cody‘s new comedy Young Adult is “Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up.” It’s about star Charlize Theron‘s character, but it might also apply to Courtney Love, who showed up to the premiere looking like a little girl playing dress-up in her mom’s closet.

It’s unclear if this is actually a wedding dress, but it’s basically one, right? The pearls and gloves are reminiscent of the famous dress that Madonna wore in her “Like A Virgin” performance at the VMAs way back when.

Courtney looks like a hot mess here, minus the hot part. She’s busting out of her dress, she smeared some lipstick on her hand, and she seems to be snapping at a photographer. Maybe she’s peeved since she got caught falling out of her dress yet again; just a few weeks ago, she had a nip slip at the Hugo premiere.

As ONTD points out, Courtney also wore a white dress at a much more fitting event recently — at HRC’s Marriage Equality Event — but looked a lot more put-together. So she knows how to dress herself, just not when it comes to new movies.

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