The 9 Best Answers From Louis C.K.’s Reddit AMA Thread

Comedian Louis C.K. is the latest celebrity to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on Reddit, but unlike other famous posters who drop in unexpectedly, Louis’ Q&A was announced last week. He finished up earlier today; in two hours he managed to answer over 50 questions about starting out as a comic, his thoughts on fans pirating his stand-up, and whether his cute daughters know how much he makes fun of them.

In his answers, Louis manages to not badmouth any celebrities or fans (though he gets the opportunity to) and share some genuine insight on breaking into comedy. Even if you’re not a fan of his stand-up or his FX series Louie, it’s worth a read. Here are our favorite answers:

If he expresses the same insights from his comedy shows in real life: i don’t talk in person the way i do on stage because it’s a performance and it’s disstilled and the language is more deliberate. I make the same kind of jokes with my friends and family for sure and i have safe relationships where I can float a crazy or wrong idea and find out where it goes just as a life excercize and some times those things end up on stage.

If he could legally kill a celebrity, who would it be? If I could legally kill a celebrity it would be your mother. FIrst I would invest a lot of time and money getting her a marketable entertainment skill and promoting her till she’s famous, then I would hit her in the face with a pan that kills people when you hit them with it. SOrry. You asked. It just happened to be the truth.

Do his daughters know how much we makes fun of them in his stand-up routine? i spend a lot of time with my kids and i raise them for half their lives and i love them very much. I am a pretty patient dad. they have seena few family friendly bits and they laughed like hell because they know i’m not like that. they get the humor in heightened anger over little things.
If i were a distant or awful dad, then my act would be their nightmare.

His dream of making another movie: This special, if it explosed, cause really it’s only been up for 2 days, more like a pre-sale. If it really tears an asshole into the money monster who then shits dollars into my mouth (oh my god what’s wrong with me) then I will use that money to buy a home and get some security which i NEVER have had in my life and have certainly not gotten from my low budget show.

So it would have to be special number 2 that would keep the money in the company and make a movie. I have always put cash back into the work. The profit I made on last years season of louie went to buying a new RED EPIC camera which now sits here next to me and a modest but impressive collection of lenses from germany and england, which now belong to Pig Newton and will be used to shoot said 8 million dollar movie.

On working with Dane Cook, and the death of Patrice: It was fun working with Dane. we hadn’t made up or even really fought. It was kind of intense. he’s basically a good guy and we had a lot of work to do that day. So it was just work and fun and weird. Patrice. Big loss. Big man.

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