The American Reunion Poster Recreates The Original American Pie Poster


The only possible thing that Universal could’ve done for the American Reunion poster was to bring back our fond memories of the twisted original movie, 1999′s American Pie. There are some key differences, like the actors’ comparative lack of hair and added wrinkles, though the latter has mostly been erased thanks to Photoshop. And since the movie is about leading adults lives, of course Michelle’s (Alyson Hannigan) famous flute has been replaced with a baby bottle. Also, Jason Biggs‘ expression has remained mostly unchanged for the last twelve years.

I don’t know what it says that Tara Reid in 2011 looks so much more familiar than (we have to assume) pre-plastic surgery Tara Reid from 1999.

The one major downside for me is how much they cut-and-pasted everyone; you have to wonder if they couldn’t get the gang together for a quick photo shoot. (Especially since that’s how we first heard about the movie, through a shoot and video for EW.) Regardless, the movie looks pretty funny and like it’ll be in the gross-out style of the original.


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