Lindsay Lohan’s Purse is Stolen, Returned, and Open For Your Interpretation

What you keep in your purse can be very personal and very revealing. Maybe you keep a well-worn book in your bag like Rory Gilmore, maybe you need to throw in a lipstick, gloss, and stain so your lips will be prepared for any situation, maybe you keep some dry shampoo, face wash, and brush as a kind of pre-walk of shame primp kit. So what can we learn from Lindsay Lohan’s stolen purse said to have been carrying her passport, probation papers,and $10,000 in cash?

Lindsay was at a party while vacationing in Hawaii when her purse was snatched, bringing its contents to the attention of the general public. I guess it makes sense she’d want to keep her probation papers on hand since she’s had so many issues following the rules of her probation, and it’s not that uncommon for travelers to want to keep their passport with them at all times (although that’s normally when they’re outside their home country). But what possible reason could she have for carrying ten grand? A fear of debt cards? Plans to visit the 24-hour Tiffany’s?

What’s more telling about the purse inventory is what it’s missing. She’s since recovered the purse with the passport and papers, sans $10,000 and doesn’t seem too upset. But was there anything else in her bag she was glad to get back, like a ticket stub from The Parent Trap, or self-help book entitled Becoming Marilyn Monroe? Right now the picture Lindsay’s purse paints is that of someone who’s afraid to lose paperwork and doesn’t know how to handle her cash. There’s got to be more to her than that.

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