Kristen Wiig Stole the Spotlight on SNL

There was nothing wrong with Katy Perry’s hosting job on last night’s SNL; she was cute as the Hello Kitty enthusiast and hilarious as a different kind of Pippa Middleton. Whatever her strengths were though, she just couldn’t out perform Kristen Wiig who was on fire last night. In recent episode she’s stuck to her shrill/obnoxious characters like Mindy Grayson the Broadway star and the excitable Sue, but I’ve always been a fan of the understated characters she pulled out last night like her Finnish talk show host.

I would be Kristen Wiig’s friend, even as a Finnish cat lady.

Technically this sketch was all about Donald Trump, but I kept getting distracted by Kristen’s migrating droopy mouth.

I think Seth Meyers was kind of getting into the flirting.

And of course Stefon was amazing. Plus he got to say Spicy again!

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