Sinead O’Connor Marries Barry Herridge In Drive-Thru Wedding

It was but three short months ago that Sinead O’Connor took out a personal ad looking for hot and steamy casual sex. And now she’s gone and gotten hitched for the fourth time. Yesterday, on her 45th birthday, Sinead wed therapist Barry Herridge in a ceremony at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas.

The date of the wedding has special significance for Sinead who, by turning 45, has outlived her own mother. She explained, “I have now lived longer than my own mother, who died three months before her own 45th birthday. I’ve read that it’s a pivotal day in your life when you reach the birthday that your parent never saw, and here I am being married on it to the man I love.”

Sinead’s third marriage, to Steve Cooney, lasted less than a year, ending in April of 2011. But Barry apparently has high hopes for this relationship, saying, “This is the only time I will ever marry, and Sinead is the only person I am going to marry. This is a great day, and the beginning of many more great days.”

I have to wonder if Sinead and Barry met through that personal ad. They clearly have not known each other for very long, and he seems like an able-bodied young gent — just what Sinead was looking for.

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