Video: Know Your Meme Compiles The Best Memes Of 2011

Can you believe that planking has been around for less than a year? Or that this time in 2010, we had no idea who Rebecca Black was? The folks at Know Your Meme have compiled a “best of 2011″ video in which they give us their highly scientific, thoroughly-researched explanations for how we came to take photos of ourselves lying on random objects, or why a little cat with a Pop Tart and a Japanese pop song makes us smile.

And it’s hosted by Kristina Horner, who created the “What Would Buffy Do?” video we linked to awhile back.

What, Hipster Matt Damon didn’t make the cut?

There are some memes that you might have seen but never known the same of, like Scumbag Steve. You might also recognize “x ALL the y,” taken from the comics of Allie Brosh (former contributor to TheGloss!). Also, is Nyan Cat really pronounced “ny-ahhn”? This whole time we’ve been saying “nyaaan”…

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