Video: Stephen Colbert Dances ‘The Nutcracker’ With A Member Of The Bolshoi Ballet

The featured guest on last night’s Colbert Report was David Hallberg, the first American to join the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet. In addition to giving him a bit of a razzing during the interview, Colbert gave him a run for his money on the dance floor. (Not really.)

First, the interview. After accusing him of re-starting the Cold War, Colbert called Hallberg “Benedict Arnold in slightly tighter pants.” And then, when he discovered that Hallberg also dances for the American Ballet Theater, Colbert called him a double agent. Burn! Hallberg did get to talk about his intense love of dance a bit, which was nice.

It was in the “dancing” portion of the show, though, that Hallberg really shined. Dude has skills! Colbert also got in on the ballet fun, copying the good-dancing dude’s movies in a pair of shiny black tights, and even doing a lift with David’s dance partner Hee Seo. Perhaps Colbert has a second career ahead of him as a member of a Broadway Revue. He’s already done Company with Neil Patrick Harris, so we know he knows his way around a stage.

(Via ONTD)

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