Twilight Taste Test: Bella Italia’s Mushroom Ravioli From Bella And Edward’s First Date

Remember a few weeks ago when we first heard that a Forks, WA restaurant called Bella Italia was packaging the same ravioli that Bella eats on her first date with Edward in Twilight? Well, the restaurant reached out to Crushable with a sample for us to try, and we of course had to taste the pasta that led to the relationship that led to the vampire-human sex in Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

The best thing I can say about this pasta is that it’s normal. No sparkles, no vampire-werewolf turf wars, no killer fetuses. It didn’t taste like gourmet fare from a four-star restaurant, but there’s no doubt that real ingredients went into this. If you need a quick meal and really like mushrooms, then this would be the perfect thing to pop into your freezer and pull out on a busy night. (It doesn’t look the prettiest, but reheating is never kind to cream-based dishes.)

The “besciamella” sauce had separated a bit when I pulled it out of the package, so it didn’t look uber-appetizing. But once you zap it, the cheese and oils combine again, and the ravioli itself doesn’t suffer from freezer burn. The chunky mushroom-and-spinach puree is flavorful and actually a bit spicy; the whole mushrooms came out a little rubbery but still tasting the way they should. I might have suggested that instead of the besciamella they include a little container of grated parmesan cheese, but that’s just me.

I was definitely worried since I’m something of a food snob — living in New York will do that to you — but I was relieved to find that the dish tasted like your standard frozen mushroom ravioli. And that’s kind of nice, that a piece of Stephenie Meyer‘s world is firmly rooted in reality. That even when Bella’s going on a first date with a 100-year-old vampire, she orders something that other normal girls would eat. Considering that Breaking Dawn, Part 2 is all about Bella’s vampire transformation, there’s a kind of nostalgia when remembering foods and other aspects of her mortal life.

It’s clear that Bella Italia has embraced their cult status thanks to the Twilight books/movies, and that they have an eye for the details of the series: They offer up suggestions for how to throw a Twilight-themed party, down to the Coca Cola that Bella drinks, or rose wine for older Twihards. (Other suggestions include red velvet cake and a party game where you try to take a bite out of an apple with plastic vampire fangs. Oh, and don’t forget the fog machine to pretend you’re in Forks.)

Bella Italia is currently hosting a giveaway on its Facebook page with Twilight star Tinsel Korey, who plays werewolf leader Sam’s scarred fiancee Emily in Breaking Dawn: You can enter to win one of five ravioli boxes that she’s signed. All the info is on their Facebook page.

If you want to buy it for yourself, you can find all the info at the restaurant’s official site. Remember that a portion of the proceeds go to the Quileute Tribal School and Forks High School!

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