Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Cover Leaks, References Iconic Photo Of Prostitute Christine Keeler

Christmas came early this year for anyone out there who happens to be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Lindsay Lohan edition of Playboy (read: Christmas came early for Lindsay Lohan). A poor-quality cell phone snap of her cover has leaked, given us a buxom blonde Lindsay straddling a backwards Playboy bunny chair like a porno spoof of Dangerous Minds. We can’t help but wonder if Lindsay’s photo is a tribute to the series of iconic chair-straddling picture taken of famous 1960s prostitute Christine Keeler. Christine was a London call girl who famously had an affair with married British War Secretary John Profumo. Although the scandal ruined the Secretary’s career and forced his resignation, it propelled Christine to fame. The nude photos were taken by photographer Lewis Morley to promote a film called The Keeler Affair, and the chair only came into play because Catherine was shy about appearing totally naked.

So what does this reference say about our pal Lindsay? Is Playboy cheekily saying she’s some kind of whore? Keeler became pretty notorious after her affair came out and her nude photos made her even more famous. Is the mag asserting Lindsay’s place in the pop politics of of our time? Or was there just a cool-looking Playboy chair lying around that Hef’s been wanting to use for a cover? Lindsay will reveal her entire Playboy spread- on the December 15th episode of Ellen — which strikes us as a little weird, but hey, to each her own when it comes to public nakedness. (via The Insider)

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