Ashton Kutcher Offered Endorsement Deal By

Hot on the heels of his divorce from Demi Moore, a dating site called Cougarlife.comhas offered Ashton Kutcher an endorsement deal worth quite a bit of money. Under the terms of the deal, the site would pay half of Kutcher’s alimony to Moore (wait, she gets alimony?!), which I’m guessing is valued in the millions. In return, all he’d have to do is only date women at least ten years older than him, post “mutually approved tweets” about “cougar relationships” at least fifteen times a month, and be the face of an international marketing campaign for a company that describes itself as “a dating website for women looking to catch younger men.” Oh wait, that’s a terrible deal.

Not surprisingly, Kutcher has yet to respond to the offer or even acknowledge he’s received it, maybe because he knows the concept of “cougars” is a cheesy, outdated, and a little bit sexist. As someone who was married to Demi Moore for some years, I’m guessing he saw her less as a cartoonish, hypersexual cat-person hybrid and more as a complete human being (who just happens to be aging backwards). But I guess he always has this to fall back on if neither Two And A Half Men nor owning the internet works out.

(Via NYDN)

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