Viggo Mortensen Is Unrecognizable On The Cover Of T Magazine

When I first saw the cover of December’s T Magazine, I did a double take. As the largest font on the page proudly proclaimed, the cover story was on Viggo Mortensen, but who was this fey, smooth-faced creature staring back at me? Clad in a flannel and beanie, he posed with his mouth slightly open as if to say, “yes I will go down on you after the dance but before your parents get home.”

It was only when I saw this item on Gawker that I realized some fashion editorial featuring a male model in his 20s had not hijacked Viggo’s cover. That fey creature was him. WHAT? Dude is 53. He has a 23-year-old son with Exene Cervanka (awesome). He definitely looks good for his age, but part of his hotness lies in the fact that he’s a hot older dude. With, like, lines on his face, and a slightly receding hairline, and hard won wisdom and shit. They even hid his trademark dimply chin. If you are trying to get people to buy your magazine on the strength of a Viggo Mortensen cover story, wouldn’t it behoove you to actually have him look like Viggo Mortensen on the cover?

This grows even more puzzling when you open the magazine and see some nice shots in which Viggo looks much more like himself:

To be fair, the story itself is a pretty good read for anyone who’s interested in learning about the guy. He’s thoughtful! He talks! He wants to tell good stories! With such a strong persona to work with, I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to make the cover as Viggo Mortensen-y as possible. Unless they were trying to elicit perplexed blog posts, in which case, mission accomplished?

(Via Gawker)

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    • gnatcar

      If you look at his right eye and compare it to his left eye, you can see the difference between his real face and the airbrushed portions.