Rob Schneider’s New Sitcom Will Be About The Differences Between Whites And Mexicans

Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed appearance in Jack and Jill, the scathing comedic mind that is Rob Schneider has been granted a CBS sitcom of his very own. The sitcom is called (wait for it) Rob, and it’s about a guy who marries a Mexican-American woman who is way, way out of his league, even for a sitcom couple. Because he is white and she is Mexican, all sorts of hilarious hijinks ensure when he meets her family, including, but not limited to: hugging, racist jokes, talk of illegal immigration, filial piety, talking in a strange gibberish nonsense language, grandma-humping, and the criminal squandering of Cheech Marin.

“What is America? It’s a mish-mash,” Schneider says, “and this show will help represent that in a funny way.” If only that were true! Race-based humor is very hard for white people (or anyone, really) to pull off, and like I said in my post on 2 Broke Girls, if you carry it off inexpertly, you come off super duper racist. (See also: A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas.) I can think of only a few Latino sitcom characters currently on TV whose race is not the butt of every joke involving them: Oscar from The Office, and…oh God, is he the only one? There’s always a chance Rob Schneider could exceed expectations, but– oh, who are we kidding? There is no way Rob Schneider is going to exceed expectations. I will report back after the show premieres on just how bad the damage is.

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    • Rob Schneider

      Will someone please tell the well researched “journalist” Jamie Peck that the ‘scathing mind that is Rob Schneider’ did not appear in the film “Jack and Jill.”
      I find this error scathing…and lazy!

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    • Defsense

      Will someone realize that there are white Mexicans, though most Mexicans are obviously mestizos or Indians. The actress in the show is a Spaniard (and doesn’t look like all the mestizos on the show). Rob Schneider looks more mestizo than she does!

    • um

      Rob Schneider is biracial…not white.