Crushable’s Screencap-By-Screencap Analysis Of The One Tree Hill Season 9 Trailer

Doesn’t it feel like January is suddenly just a week away? Unfortunately you’ll have to wait a tad longer than that, but we are just a few weeks from the premiere of One Tree Hill season 9. From the looks of this first official trailer, Mark Schwahn has some heartache planned for OTH‘s final season. Brooke (Sophia Bush), the show’s new emotional center, narrates about her happy nostalgia concerning Tree Hill, while a tortured Nathan (James Lafferty) talks about hell and being tested.

What could’ve happened to lead us to such dire straits when we have only 13 episodes til the end? I’ve watched the trailer three times, and here are my knee-jerk reactions, screencap by drama-filled screencap.

Season 9 premieres on Wednesday, January 11 at 8 p.m.

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