This Cool Video Mash-Up Creates Intersecting Scenes From 2011′s Movies

Now this is a movie mash-up. YouTube user hatinhand has done an innovative thing with The 2011 Portfolio by mashing up scenes from 2011 movies so that one action will lead into another. This looks especially cool when it’s Caesar the ape from Rise of the Planet of the Apes swinging a hammer that then cuts to an exploding helicopter in another movie. Or when a bowling alley scene transforms into a bunch of liquor bottles bursting, which in turn shows you Cameron Diaz in the infamous car wash scene from Bad Teacher.

This is a long video at nearly eight minutes, but definitely stick with it: The soundtrack dips and blends from the Harry Potter theme to Ingrid Michaelson‘s haunting cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” that was used in Like Crazy.

And for those of you who loved Ryan Gosling in Drive, there’s plenty of that here, too.

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