The Katy Perry Barbie Doll Is Now Up For Auction

So when we said earlier today that the Katy Perry Barbie doll would be released in the near future, we meant a few hours after the Nicki Minaj doll. It’s all the same deal: The auction on CharityBuzz runs til December 19, the proceeds go to Project Angel Food, and already someone’s bid $1,350 for their doll-size replica of the brightly-attired, formerly Christian-rock pop star.

Matching Katy’s love for inserting food into her costumes, performances, and music videos, the Barbie has a dress whose skirt is meticulously covered in cupcakes. She comes with a little waffle-cone stage sprinkled with gummy bears; obviously the Mattel designer, named Amy Lee, was inspired by Katy’s “California Gurls” video. (So does that mean you can buy Snoop Dogg separately?)

If I were a doll collector, I’d want to snatch up this one if only for the gorgeous costume. What would make it the best would be if the Katy doll came with a second outfit of a more daytime-appropriate dress and a phone… in order to snap her many Twitpics, of course.

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