Stop The Presses: Rihanna Has Gone Blonde!

I measure my life in Rihanna hair-changes. My milestones are not: first boyfriend; first job; graduation, they’re: black pixie, curly fauxhawk, red curls. Which means that today is a really big deal for me, because Rihanna has debuted some newly bleached locks.

Rihanna paired the look with a super colorful rhinestone bikini thing. This isn’t the first time she’s done the blonde thing, but it’s both the lightest and the longest she’s taken the look. Today’s other news about Rihanna is less positive — apparently the singer has been put on 24-hour health watch because her constant touring has been exhausting her. She recently suffered a meltdown right before a show in Dublin, and nearly had to cancel the tour.

(via Hollywoodtuna)

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