Brad Pitt Comforts A Suicidal Fan At Moneyball Screening

Brad PittSay what you will about Brad Pitt, he knows how to defuse an awkward or potentially dangerous conversation. He and Jonah Hill were at a screening for their new film Moneyball in Culver City, CA (where they shot the movie) when the Q&A session turned serious. A 30-year-old struggling actor confessed that the night before he’d been considering suicide in his car. But the movie gave him “a renewed sense of hope.”

An attendee told Us that Brad was nothing but respectful and even proactive when faced with this awkward Q&A moment. ”Brad handled the situation really well in front of several hundred people,” s/he said. “It was a difficult moment that shocked everyone.”

Standing on the stage, Brad told the fan, “Look, man, life is up and down, it’s a vicious cycle, but you have to go through it and deal with that. You can be down, but then you come back up again, and every failure can lead to success.”

Another witness reports that on the way out he went over to the guy and offered some more, private encouragement. If Brad Pitt has had any emotional problems (worse than his high-profile divorce from Jennifer Aniston), we haven’t heard about them. A more appropriate actor for that would be George Clooney, who recently revealed he’d struggled with suicidal thoughts after getting injured during the filming of Syriana a couple years back.

But it may be that even if he couldn’t actually relate to the fan’s emotional problems, that Brad was able to offer some advice on making it as an actor. After all, Brad struggled for close to a decade to get recognition in Hollywood.

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