Twilight Fans Fake Engagements So They Can Try On Bella’s Replica Wedding Dress

It’s no surprise that wedding dress designer Alfred Angelo had an $800 replica of Kristen Stewart‘s gown in Breaking Dawn, Part 1 ready to hit the stores after the movie premiered. But the boutique is probably regretting their decision to stock the dress in their shops: TMZ reports that dedicated Twihards are pretending to be engaged just so they can try the dress on.

Employees tell TMZ that on multiple occasions they’ve had women making up engagement stories in order to slip on this specific dress. They don’t share any more relevant details, such as whether the women keep up the charade by trying on other dresses, not to mention how old these women are—are they naive 19-year-olds like Bella, or older fans?

The boutique staffers are understandably annoyed because these fakers are cutting into their regular business. But to be fair, Alfred Angelo did make it very clear that the dress is Twilight branded; the above photo looks like a snap from inside Hot Topic.

Here’s where I’m confused: 30 Rock and every rom-com has always taught me that a woman doesn’t have to flash an engagement ring to be considered worthy of trying on some white dresses. Plenty of fictional women have been caught in that embarrassing predicament precisely because their friends who stumble in on them playing bride know that they don’t have a man.

So maybe this is a rule specific to the Alfred Angelo stores, or perhaps these women are embarrassed about their love for Twilight and want to seem like they’re socially acceptable adults.

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