Selena Gomez’s Fans Attack Radio Host Kidd Kraddick Over False Miscarriage Rumor

This anecdote illustrates why the younger fanbases that have cropped up around stars like the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber can be disturbing. Although fandom can stir anyone up, I believe that having mobs of preteens used to speedy Twitter communication and bite-sized news definitely exacerbates a situation like the one that Selena Gomez landed in.

Up until yesterday, it appeared that Selena was in a feud with Dallas, TX radio host Kidd Kraddick; Monday morning she allegedly tweeted, Kidd I used to look up to you.. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line. Boyfriend Justin added, Smooth kid. real smooth smh. Interestingly, both tweets have since been deleted.

The story that Selena’s fans have cooked up is this: On his radio show, Kidd joked about Selena’s pregnant mother having a miscarriage. Except that there’s no indication that he ever did say that. What happened instead is that Kidd and his team were joking about the embarrassment a 20-year-old like Selena might feel about her mom having sex as well as Justin’s paternity suit with Mariah Yeater.

From there, it was easy to make up a silly conspiracy theory along the lines of the Sarah Palin/Bristol Palin baby hoax. Here’s the audio: interviewed Kidd about the controversy, and he clarified that he and co-host Kellie Raspberry were doing a recurring comedy bit where she pretends to be “Supposition Kellie,” a gossip reporter: [tagbox tag="selena gomez"]

Kellie went into “Supposition Kellie Mode”, where she becomes a tabloid writer and comes up with what the gossip writers will spin from the latest news. She said something like, “It’s actually Selena who’s pregnant and her mom is part of the cover-up! Nine months from now she’s going to pretend to pop out a baby and will raise it as her own!” We all gave our over-the-top disbelief reactions…as we ALWAYS do when “Supposition Kellie” is making up a rumor. I said, “You left out one part! Justin is the father!!!”

… Bieber and Selena fans started “adding in facts” about me saying she should have an abortion or I hope she has a miscarriage. Ridiculous.

We are a comedy show and we talk about celebrities…sometimes we’re facetious (like in this case) but our listeners get it. No one listening to that would conclude that we were slamming Selena or her mother. Which is why we didn’t get a single phone call about it from our millions of listeners. Not one e-mail. Not one facebook message. Not one tweet about it.

It seems that Justin and Selena’s exasperated tweets came in response to these harmless jokes, since Selena didn’t like them even teasing her mother.

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    • facts_about

      Kidd Kraddick & Selena Gomez .. this was not nice or where the fun ends

      What happened ..

      Kidd Kraddick on air:
      “What if Selena Gomez’s mother’s not the one that’s pregnant, Selena’s pregnant and mom’s doing a cover-up?”

      Co-host Kelly on air:
      “Selena’s suddenly going to need to rest and recuperate from this world tour, she’s going to go into hiding, mom’s going to have a baby bump. Nine months from now, that baby’s going to pop out, and she’s going to raise that baby to protect Selena’s image. Justin Bieber’s making babies all over the place.”

      Kidd Kraddick on air:
      “What if Justin Bieber got Selena’s mom pregnant?”

      Selena Gomez tweeted:
      “Kidd I used to look up to you. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.”

      Fans tweeted:
      The fans were defending Selena Gomez, but the way some fans tweeted, does not comply with the 21 century.

      Feedback ..

      Selena Gomez reaction was more than OK.

      There are rules of decorum and these were by Kidd Kraddick injured.
      Selena Gomez “Who says” “It’s such a funny thing, how nothing’s funny when it’s you” .. Kidd Kraddick now you know, how it feels.
      Basically, his comments were unfunny and mean-spirited, but even when Kidd Kraddick has lost all rules of decorum towards Selena Gomez .. death threats are the wrong way.

      Family is family,
      Family is personal,
      Family is private
      .. let’s see how you react ..

      • Kait

        If you live your life in the public eye, family becomes less private. It comes with the territory.

    • Angie

      Get over it! It was a joke. Grow up. By the way, Justin can keep his business to himself. Kidd was the one who got him started after all…and how does he show his appreciation…hmmm…moving on

    • Michael

      This is ridiculous! It’s an inoffensive little joke! Plus having jokes made out of your expense just comes with the territory of being a celebrity, but, I repeat, in no way did I find this spiteful and disrespectful. I love how the overly obsessed fans thought a supposed abortion or miscarriage joke was WAY out of line, but then proceeded to send death threats (which I’m guessing in their heads is okay when you’re defending someone who doesn’t even know you exist). Seriously, how effed up is that?

    • Tracy

      I listened to the show that morning and it WAS A JOKE! GET OVER YOUR SELF AND MOVE ON.
      I totally agree with Jen.. TIME TO BOYCOTT!

    • Anna

      Selena Gomez is nothing but another Disney freak! Get over it. Pull a Demi and take a pill.

    • Devin

      Who freaking cares?? It was a funny joke, if you didn’t get it you obviously didn’t listen to the show that often because they do stuff like this all the
      Time because it’s FUNNY! I laughed during this part of the show too! Kidd Kraddick in the morning is way way way more entertaining then anything Selena Gomez has ever done, she’s just another Disney star that got her 10 minutes of fame and is struggling to stay in the spotlight for just a little longer, and making a deal out of something as small as this is just something to give her a little more of whats left of her spotlight. I Support Kidd all the way he didn’t say or do anything wrong. GET OVER IT!

      • Alex

        I would be very angry too if someone said that abourt my mom or family. These so called “comedians” take their “joking” a little too far. When it comes to someone’s health and other private family issues people like this guy Kidd need their mouths washed out with soap – like the good old fashined moms used to do to their naughty children – and in today’s world they should lose their supporters and their jobs!

        As far as all the other crap you wrote ablout Selena – She is not some has been, but a very sweet, talented young actress, singer, business woman. Get off your soap box! You are probably one of those “occupy” airheads.

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    • Yu Lee

      “WHAT IF” Selena & Justin start tweeting that Kidd & Kellie dont really know who their real Dad is, because their Mom was raped by several men 9 months before they were born, hahaha we’re only Kidding!

      Would Kraddick’s Mother be overjoyed at such “intellient” humor?

      The real issue is whether “self regulation” has or hasn’t worked for the USA media! “Freedom of Speech” is their excuse for all their breaches of ethics, morality, decency & common sense! These hypocrites attack everyone except of course themselves!

      It turns out that Selena had a decent upbringing & she has a “Bottom Line” that cant be crossed. There’s no such thing in the media’s jungle, everyone is fair game, especially when u say u were only joking! Silly me, i dont have a sense of humor, its all my fault, ie the media is NEVER wrong & cannot EVER be held accountable !!!

    • Yu Lee

      i can smell some hypocrasy here!
      FANS are being told to “get over it” because it was all just a joke!
      On the other hand, the outrage is being refered to as “Death Threats”? Nobody is actually holding a knife with blood dripping on it, they are just a little angry! When people say “I’m gonna KILL u” u know full well that they dont mean it literally.

      So why dont u “get over it” instead of playing the victim card? Still dont get it? Lets have some “JOKES” about Kidd’s mother & daughter getting raped by Michael Jackson!

    • will5411

      This is really messed up…Have we gotten to such a point in our society that if someone ‘disrespects’ you or your family that you can threaten to kill them??? Geez, get over it folks…Somehow we’ve got to a point in history whereby we act like respect/disrespect is so freakin important…Who cares? Whether or not anyone here says something about me or my family, I won’t threaten your life……and honestly, won’t care..All of these teen celebs needs to stop grandizing these self-importance and chill….

    • MrsV

      Really people? Talk about Kidd’s family being raped??? That’s extreme! He never said anything about violence, rape, abortion, or miscarriage. It was a skit! Obviously those of you who are offended don’t listen to the show. Kidd and his team are really good people who do a LOT for their listeners. Just google Kidd’s Kids (…and possibly donate while you are there) or all the Christmas wishes they grant. They have even arranged for a couple to get in vitro done for free. All of this is just petty and silly! Get over it…death threats are not justified. Get a life!

    • NLG89

      Sure Kidd might have hurt Selena’s or her moms feelings by the little things he said that I personally think was just a joke but it was never anything out of line. The things that were said were just things people were going to rumor about anyways but they never thought anything they mentioned was true. And even when they got all the death threats, Kidd went out of his way to try to apologize whether he was right or wrong. He didnt care because he was upset he had hurt anyones feelings. He tried to call both Selena and Justin to apologize or meet up and apologize but didn’t get a response.

      And for those of you saying oh they joked about Selena and their fans were joking about killing them. Every faithful listener who knows the show knows it was supposed to be a harmless joke. If you get threats from people you don’t know, how do you know they’re not real? It’s also against the law. I bet if some of the fans knew where he lived someone would have tried something, you never know.

      So to all the selena and Justin fans, don’t judge Kidd unless you really know him and his show. I’m not saying Selena had no right to get upset because she cares about her mom. I mean it’s understandable. But her fans shouldn’t have spread rumors and tried to threaten Kidds life.

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    • Viridiana

      Selena is 19!!!

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    • Taylor

      This really upsets me. :( :( :(

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