Miley Cyrus Continues Her Birthday Tradition Of Drug Scandals

Last week Miley Cyrus turned nineteen. They grow up so fast. Just a year ago she was smoking a salvia bong, and now she’s telling crowds she smokes too much weed.

Kelly Osbourne, who seems to be everywhere lately was kind enough to throw Miley a birthday party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, complete with a Bob Marley birthday cake. A Marley-themed desert could be perfect for Miley for any number of reasons. She could be a big fan of reggae. She might feel a special connection to Jamaica. Or she’s a big stoner. The clip above seems to confirm the latter.

The best part of the video is definitely the end when Kelly yanks the mic away and reminds her friend, “I thought your problem was with salvia, Miley.” It looked like a real gesture of friendship, like when you take away your friend’s phone after she drunk dials her crush and say, “No hablo ingles.” At this point it looks like only Miley’s PR reps can save her, who I’m sure will be insisting that all the cool salvia kids are calling it weed now.

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