Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Almost Meet Up In A Movie Theater — Crisis Averted

It’s always awkward when you bump into your ex unexpectedly, and even more awkward when you’re both with someone new. I can only imagine the level of discomfort when you meet up with an ex, his girlfriend and four of his children. Luckily Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt didn’t have to experience that uncomfortable moment, because they only almost bumped into each other at a movie theater this weekend.

It seems Brad was talking Angelina Jolie and the kids to see Hugo this Friday night and left just before Jennifer showed up with her bf Justin Theroux. Without an actual collision and the shake-down that surely would have ensued, we’re just left with the opening scene for some Jen-Brad fan fiction. Would Brad have punched Justin in the face screaming, “the first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club?” Would the baby hungry Jennifer have grabbed Shiloh and run off yelling, “I got one!,” or serenely start braiding her hair?

Of course it’s also possible they would have said a quiet hello as they passed, or even go the more common awkward ex route and ignore each other completely. Which is why we should be glad the meeting will always stay in the world of what might have been, where things are much more interesting.

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    • steve

      I ALMOST stepped in a pile of dog doo the other day. Then, yesterday, I ALMOST bought a pack of Trident, but then I decided not to at the very last minute. Today, I ALMOST brushed my teeth before taking a shower, but then I decided to do it afterwards. Just now, I ALMOST decided to care about this BS tabloid drivel, but then I decided not to. Wow, my life is so news-worthy, it’s crazy!

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