Now You Can Get Married In A Replica Of Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Wedding Dress

Have you fantasized about your wedding since you were a little kid? Is your dream husband a 110-year-old dude who can’t go out in the sun? Do you fantasize about him taking you home and bruising you up with sex? Then you should probably buy this replica of the dress Kristen Stewart wore to marry her vampire love in Twilight.

A replica of the Carolina Herrera dress Bella Swan wore in Breaking Dawn is now available from design house Alfred Angelo. The gown retails for $799, and was actually sanctioned by Carolina. It features a hundred buttons down the back and has the ability to make men want to throw you down on the bed and put a demon baby inside of you.

Happy marrying, Twilight fans! Don’t forget to practice your blood sucking before the big day.

(via NBC)

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