Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Get Photobombed At The AMAs

Despite their having conquered the mainstream pop airwaves and the hearts of ‘tweens everywhere, it would seem Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had yet to win over at least one attendee of the American Music Awards this past weekend, where they got photobombed like nobody’s business. One minute, they were canoodling on the red carpet and giving puppy eyes to the camera, and the next they were canoodling and giving puppy eyes while getting flipped off by some unknown person. Who they probably did not see, and remain unaware of to this minute! Who would do such a thing to little Justlena, who is only a baby, really? I mean, who flips off a baby? What’s this world coming to?

(Via favorit3girl)


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    • Ninargh

      I’m just surprised that she’s cuddling up to him in the first place. Last I heard she dropped him like he was hot over the whole baby-daddy fiasco.

    • Problem

      I’d give that woman an award.

    • ange

      probably flipping off the person behind them, i reckon (jokingly?)

    • Audrey

      Clearly, she’s not flipping them off. She’s smiling and holding up her pointer, not her middle, finger up, like ‘hey, look, it’s Justlena!’

    • Andie

      YOU BOTH DESERVE that f— you sign. No public display of affection ok? Stop doing it, it’s so redundant. STOP OVER-DOING IT!