What’s Next For The Cast Of Harry Potter

With last weekend’s celebration at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter being all about saying goodbye to the Potter series, there was understandably a lot of nostalgia. Cast members and producers reflected happily on souvenirs they’d stolen from the set, prank wars, and what it was like when the three protagonists were itty-bitty ten-year-olds.

But talk also turned to the future, and what everyone’s up to now that their decade-long adventures in J.K. Rowling‘s world have come to a close. Here’s your guide to what the stars are up to, be it filming TV pilots, exploring the indie-film world, or still hanging on to a bit of Potter lore.

Rupert Grint: On the red carpet, we asked Rupert if he felt pressure to keep up with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in terms of non-Potter projects, since both were doing perfume ads and Broadway shows and other movies while wrapping Deathly Hallows, Part 2. He assured us that no, he didn’t feel like had to compete with them. However, it should be noted that he has been going back to indie films, some of which he did during the earlier Potter movies, in order “to explore the film industry in a different way,” he explained.

One in particular is Comrade (now possibly retitled Into the White), a WWII drama where he plays a British pilot who shoots down a German soldier and gets knocked out of the sky himself. Trapped in a cabin together, they must survive the Norwegian wilderness.

Oliver and James Phelps: The Phelps twins seem pretty content with continuing to work as a package deal; the Potter movies were their first role, a rite of passage they experienced together. But their next projects are vastly different from one another. They’re currently shooting a pilot for a TV show in the States but wouldn’t offer up any other information.

However, they don’t do everything joined at the hip: Oliver is costarring in the biopic Latin Quarter, about Pablo Picasso‘s youth in 1900s Paris.

Nick Moran: If you thought that Deathly Hallows was too little time to spend with Nick (who played the Death Eater Scabior), then don’t despair! He’s got another project lined up, and it’s a topical one: A zombie movie that he wouldn’t name at the junket because he didn’t want to overshadow the Harry Potter celebration. But thanks to some IMDb sleuthing, we’ve discovered that the project is called Eerie 13, and it’s about six forensic undergrads stuck on an island with criminals-turned-zombies. Nick seems to play one of the mentors to the six kids.

Jason Isaacs: The man we’ll all remember fondly as Lucius Malfoy will play a more caring but equally tormented husband and father in the upcoming NBC series Awake. Whereas you’ve seen plenty of dramas about “living a double life,” Jason’s character does so literally: After getting into a car accident, his policeman protagonist slides back and forth between two realities, one where his wife died and one where his son died.

Evanna Lynch: “I’m just chilling out,” the actress admitted. “I have this joke that I’ll probably just spend my life touring about Harry Potter.”

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