Rating The Top Moments In Breaking Dawn, Part 1 By The Audience’s Screams And Cheers

Last night/this morning at midnight, I joined Twilight fans in taking in the second-to-last movie, Breaking Dawn, Part 1. It’s the only book of the four that I’ve actually read, so I was armed with remembering all the details that we then saw dramatized. Overall, it was about as fun as any other Twilight experience: The dialogue was hilariously bad, the action was a bit bloodier (a plus), and the audience shrieked and whooped with the kind of passion that’s usually restrained just to straight horror movies.

I knew that the only way to properly judge the variously funny and shocking moments in Breaking Dawn was to break them down (there’s a pun in there, but I’m too exhausted) into what most affected people and what was merely cheesy. I’ve made up a quick scale of 1 to 9, ranging from a halfhearted response to so loud you couldn’t hear the dialogue. I’ll also refer to it in each slide, but here’s your guide:

1 – smattering of applause
2 – titters
3 – snorts
4 – full-fledged laughter
5 – hearty applause
6 – groans
7 – squeals
8 – cheers
9 – screams and vocalizations

This is basically chronological, and somewhat spoilery for those who intend to see the movie, so proceed at your own risk. (Of course, if you’re going to see the movie, you probably know all the details from the book already.)

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    • Cee

      I wouldn’t necessarily call Bella a heroine. She dreams about being with a boy forever, when he breaks up with her she tries to kill herself and all she ever truly does is do whatever Edward wants her to do. Her only accomplishment in life is being a young bride and mother to glittery people.

    • steph

      Did they just give up on the whole ‘vampires sparkle’ thing? Cuz I swear this whole movie was sunny, and there wasn’t a sparkle in sight.