Video Reminder: Victoria Jackson Is A Crazy Tea Party Person Now

Victoria Jackson, formerly of SNL fame, has made a name for herself in recent years as a conspiracy theory loving conservative wing nut. This is especially unnerving in light of the fact that she still has that same creepy baby voice she once used to such great effect in late night sketch comedy. It’s truly unnerving to hear nasty “truths” about Muslims delivered in the same voice that once did “Victoria’s Secrets.”

In the first episode of her new online show “Politichicks,” Jackson and her conservative gal pals exercise their wingnuttery by talking about “the Islamification of America” and how terrible gay marriage is. Pearls of wisdom include “all terrorists are Muslims, that’s just a fact,” “if you’re a conservative you have to shut up and listen and let them say what they want” (except what are you doing RIGHT NOW?) and much hand wringing over the fact that people who oppose marriage equality are labeled “intolerant” of gays. (What do words mean?) She also claims that liberals “don’t have any joy” before doing an animated impersonation of how she would behave in court if she were Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. (Now that, I would kind of like to see, if only to watch her get held in contempt.)

Although she’s wrong about most things, it’s at least true that I have considerably less “joy” after watching one of my favorite women of classic SNL spew insane hatred for fifteen minutes. I think I’m just going to tell myself she’s doing some kind of extended Kaufmanian parody of TV conservatives that puts Stephen Colbert to shame, and leave it at that.

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    • Penelope

      Are they high?

      That was 14 minutes of the most ignorant rubbish I’ve ever heard! I live in the Middle East, I’m friends with Muslims and Christians both, and from my Muslim friends I’ve learned that Islam *is* a religion of peace. These women are citing vague ‘I’ve heard of’ stories, and generalizing an entire population over a very small minority’s actions.

      What a load of garbage.

    • Mark in FL

      “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” MLK

    • Nancy

      Craziest video I’ve ever seen. I actually feel a little bad for the blonde girl though, she seems like her heart’s in the right place but she’s just completely ignorant.
      I’ll never understand why people don’t research what they oppose, if they oppose it so strongly.

      • Nancy

        Though I did want to slap her when she said all terrorists are Muslim – “That’s just a fact.” No….these ladies need to look up the definition of ‘fact.’