Ryan Gosling’s Fans Are Protesting Outside Of People Magazine’s Offices

Life lesson: Never come between Ryan Gosling fans and the man they love. We completely agree that he was robbed of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive cover; Bradley Cooper, though good-looking shirtless, just doesn’t stack up to the multitalented and adorable Canadian star. But here’s a whole new level of commitment: BuzzFeed has inspired Gosling fans to start a non-Occupy-related “We are the 99%” protest outside of People magazine’s Manhattan offices. (They even have masks!)

The protest started at 1 p.m. EST; we’ve been following live tweets about what’s being called #occupypeople:

It definitely resembles the Kim Kardashian vigil outside of the Manhattan DASH store, in which BuzzFeed also participated (though didn’t start).

I’m not sure whether I should feel doubly sorry for the police who had to patrol the small #occupypeople uprising–if the triviality of this made them laugh in comparison to Occupy Wall Street, or if they’re just sick and tired of kids occupying everything these days.

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    • Rachel

      Ryan Gosling is definitely the sexiest man alive. The top 3 are all Canadian FYI (Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Cory Monteith) … I was born in the right country!

    • Lynn

      The world is in a mess people starving to death, and this is all you can think to spend your time doing. Kind of explains why the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

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