Video: We Can All Learn From William Shatner’s Doomed Love Affair With A Deep Fryer

Are you thinking about deep drying a turkey this Thanksgiving? Better watch this hilarious safety video starring William Shatner.

In this video short, which appears to be a collaboration with/advertisement for insurance company State Farm, Shatner tells a story of mistakes made. Once, in his everlasting quest for delicious fried turkey, Shatner purchased a nice, new deep fryer and even went so far as to read the instructions. However, in the heat of the moment one day, he acted rashly, and ended up getting burned by some very realistic fire.

There are actually real safety tips interspersed throughout, but as a vegan, I’m more interested in hearing Shatner repeatedly say “dingle dangle.” But it’s not like you have to choose; you can watch it for both of these reasons and more.

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