Glee Report Card: Hot For Adele

After last week’s shockingly awesome episode, this week’s Glee was bound to be a bit of a step down. Which is not to say that Tuesday night’s episode was bad: it was very middle-of-the-road Glee, and thus, way better than almost all of Season 2. When it came to the music, the song choices were pretty obvious, but the stellar performances made up for that. Seriously, you can do Adele every week if you keep doing it like that. Now let’s dole out some grades.

“Hot for Teacher”

Performed by Puck with Finn, Mike, and Blaine
Originally performed by Van Halen

This is what I mean when I say the song choices were obvious: Puck is crushing hard on Shelby (er, Ms. Corcoran), so he sings “Hot for Teacher”? On the other hand, he totally nailed it. I loved the over-the-top classroom fantasy sequence, because again, that’s the kind of silly this show would do well to embrace. I was a little less impressed with the music room performance, though I continue to find Finn’s awkwardness completely endearing. Puck aside, these guys are totally not rock stars, and it’s great watching them spaz.
Grade: B+

“Yoü and I”/”You and I”
Performed by Shelby and Will

Originally performed by Lady Gaga/Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle
The first mash-up of the episode paired two songs with nearly identical titles. (See, I knew Gaga put that umlaut there for a reason.) Though I wasn’t familiar with the Eddie Rabbitt-Crystal Gayle duet, I thought the songs meshed together nicely. Of course, it helped that the performers, Idina Menzel and Matthew Morrison, are both solid Broadway stars. I enjoyed their duet enough to forget that Will is totally the worst person on this show. Shelby kind of sucks, too. I mean, boundaries, people. Jesus.
Grade: B+

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”/”One Way or Another”
Performed by Finn (with New Directions) and Santana (with The Troubletones)
Originally performed by Pat Benatar/Blondie

Get it? Because they were playing dodgeball. OK, this was actually on-the-nose to the point of annoying me, but there was still a lot I liked about it. First, it was nice to see the whole cast together, even if they were mostly just throwing balls at one another. Second, I would love to have Naya Rivera singing everything, all the time. I dug how Santana-heavy this episode was—she deserves to be front and center. But dodgeball? Really?
Grade: B

“I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”/”You Make My Dreams”

Performed by New Directions
Originally performed by Hall & Oates

Just what we’ve always wanted—a Hall & Oates mash-up! Eh, this was one of those performances that was totally competent but not all that exciting. I mean, you know there’s something wrong when the outfits trump the singing. It was nice to see a bit more of Damian McGinty, but no one really stood out. And that’s kind of the problem with Glee’s recent group numbers: the individual performances are so strong that they seriously overshadow the big sing-alongs.
Grade: C+

“Rumour Has It”/”Someone Like You”
Performed by Mercedes, Santana, and The Troubletones
Originally performed by Adele

Oh, man. Oh, man. I know Adele has been done to death, but I really loved this mash-up. Especially since it followed the scene of Santana realizing she was about to be outed—there was so much raw emotion in each cry of, “Don’t forget me, I beg.” I’ve gotta say, I know we’re supposed to root for New Directions, but the Troubletones are outshining them on a weekly basis. That Hall & Oates mash-up felt extra weak compared to this. More Santana, please! Santana-themed episode, maybe? Ooh, Santana spin-off! A boy can dream.
Grade: A

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